Hi. My name is Meg. I’m mom to my curious little girl, Holden, and my handsome little man, Gatsby (I was an English major).

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a day in the life - weekday at 11 months

a day in the life - weekday at 11 months

a day in the life of a working mom with an 11-month-old baby; blogging on a boppy @ohbotherblog Emily at Daily Garnish does these "A Day in the Life" posts where she spells out her days spent with her son, Cullen. I love hearing about her days because it's always nice to get a glimpse into another mom's routine. I wish I would have started this blog right after I had Holden so I could have better chronicled my life as a new mom. Oh well, better late than never.

A Day in the Life. Working Mama; (almost) 11-month old Baby.

6:40 am: Alarm goes off. Snooze.

6:50 am: Holden is crying in her nursery. Bad mommy lets her cry because I'll never be able to get ready if I go get her now. Snooze.

7:00 am: Song playing in my subconscious. Alarm goes off. Same song playing on the radio that was in my head; at the exact same point. Weird. Holden still whining. Check the video monitor; she's lying on her stomach, half awake. Bad mommy lets her cry so I can get a shower.

Shower. Dry my hair, which takes forever; I need a new hair dryer. Minimal makeup because, let's face it, who cares?

7:30 am: I finally go into Holden's nursery. At least she's not standing up, crying for me. Diaper change, hemangioma medicine, nurse.

7:45 am: Sally goes out and is fed. I make coffee and eat some leftover angel food cake for breakfast (so healthy). Holden insists that I share.

8:00 am: My dad, aka daycare, arrives. We play with Holden until it's time for me to go. Holden wrangles herself out of his arms and crawls across the kitchen to me, effectively breaking my heart as I head out the door.

8:20 am: I drive to work, drinking my coffee and talking to my husband who's also on his way to work in Manhattan (he lives in New Jersey during the week and works in NYC).

9:00 am - 5:00 pm: Work. I work in PR/advertising/marketing so my day consists of multiple meetings, emails, more meetings, more emails, writing, emails, (pizza) lunch at my desk, meetings, emails and writing.

5:10 pm: Head home.

5:25 pm: Pull up at home, grab the mail and head inside. Do the usual peek-around-the-doorway routine. Dad is holding Holden, waiting for me. She waves excitedly and reaches for me. Small talk with Dad on his day for about 5 minutes while Holden paws hungrily at my shirt.

5:35 pm: Nurse on the couch, followed by a diaper change.

5:50 pm: Head out for a walk in the jogging stroller with Holden and Sally. We head to the park at the end of my street. Holden waves at the soccer players on the field and joggers that we pass on the path. We head to the Tot Lot playground and Holden climbs up the slides. We meet another mom on the swings whose daughter is 3 weeks younger than Holden but has 3 times more hair. We head home. I talk to my husband on the walk back to the house.

6:30 pm: Dinner time for the three of us. My parents had sushi for lunch so Holdy and I share leftover spicy salmon and California rolls. I scoop out the insides and feed to Holdy on a chopstick and I essentially get the seaweed and rice wrap. Banana for dessert, which leads to an impromptu concert from mommy singing Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl."

6:50 pm: Dance party in the living room.

7:10 pm: We head upstairs to the nursery. We read the first page of about three books (Holden lacks patience). Diaper change and pajamas. Holden obediently removes her Nuk so I can give her her hemangioma medicine and brush her teeth.

7:30 pm: Lights go out; sound machine goes on. We rock and nurse until Holden falls asleep, about 10 minutes. I place her in her crib with my usual, "Good night, baby girl. Mommy loves you. I'll see you in the morning." 50% of the time she wakes up and cries. Tonight I get lucky. I tiptoe out, close the door and head downstairs.

7:50 pm: I make tomorrow's bottles and put them in the fridge. My mother-in-law is watching Holden tomorrow evening so I make up a dinner plate for her in an attempt to lessen the amount of phone calls I will inevitably receive. On the menu: tilapia, smashed potato and carrots. My house smells like fish. I write up the instructions for my MIL and leave them on the kitchen table.

I take the trash out to the garage so the fish remnants don't haunt me for the next several days. Forget to put a new trash bag in, so I of course end up throwing trash in the naked garbage can about 10 minutes later.

Thumb through the mail. Leave the Mother's Day advertisement from the local florist in my husband's mail cubby (a little hint couldn't hurt, right?). Grab a Diet Pepsi because I could use a little caffeine to fuel the next few hours. Pick up Holden's toys in the living room and put them back in her toy basket.

8:10 pm: Head outside onto the patio with my laptop and check my email. I try very hard not to check my work email until Holden is asleep. My neighbor behind me is having a party; sounds of classic rock and profanity provide my writing soundtrack.

8:30 pm: Begin writing this "Day in the Life" post, while throwing the ball for Sally to fetch and return.

8:45 pm: I take this party inside to the couch and begin to do some work that needs to be done, with the Boppy serving as my laptop desk. I've tried to get better at leaving work at work, but it doesn't always work out that way.

9:30 pm: Talk to my husband on the phone.

10:00 pm: More work; more blog stuff.

11:00 pm: Let Sal out for one last pee break. Head up to bed, which actually means read Twitter on my iPhone for an hour after I brush my teeth and change into pajamas. I wish I could say I wash my face, but I'm really bad about that. Check in on Holdy on the monitor; standard face down, butt up position. Set my alarm, crawl into bed and grab my phone to see what sort of craziness Amanda Bynes is up to tonight. Sally snuggles in next to me. I can't wait until Holden is in a big girl bed so I can pawn off this cover stealer onto her.

12:00 am: Phone on charger, check the monitor one last time; time for bed.

Ah, the glamorous life of a working mom and wannabe blogger.

my bump's on spearmint baby

my bump's on spearmint baby

repurposed men's shirt-->baby girl dress

repurposed men's shirt-->baby girl dress