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my house lacks style, pt. 2

my house lacks style, pt. 2

If you've been following along, you know I've decided that, after three months in our not-new-enough-to-call-it-new-anymore house, it's time to start decorating. But because I'm me, I have to do it a little bit at at time. The dining room is pretty well taken care of at this point. Recently I turned my attention to my bare, kinda-boring kitchen cabinets.

Bare Kitchen Cabinets @ohbotherblog

I have these super cool vintage liquor decanters that were painted by my great grandmother. I actually have no idea how old they are. I do know that they portray ridiculous cultural stereotypes, but I love them anyway.

They represent, from left to right: rice wine, vino, brandy, Scotch, Vodka, Irish whiskey, moonshine and bourbon. Aren't they fantastic?

Painted vintage liquor decanters @ohbotherblog

I mean, check out that cool colonel.

But this Moonshine guy is my all-time favorite:

Vintage Liquor Decanter (moonshine) @ohbotherblog

So I took the cool liquor decanters and paired them with various vases, filled with just some of the thousands of corks that my husband has been collecting for years. He's not a huge wino, I promise; once people hear that Mr. B collects corks, they tend to save them for him.

Corks as decoration @ohbotherblog

Whaddya think?

Liquor decanters and wine corks @ohbotherblog

It's not a gorgeous backsplash, but it's a start. I'm making my way through the house, bit by bit.

i'd like to point this out

i'd like to point this out

we're having a party

we're having a party