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pinterest quasi-fail: baby's monthly photos

pinterest quasi-fail: baby's monthly photos

So yeah, I bought into the whole monthly onesie photo deal with Holden. I was (kind of) inspired by Clara's Photo Project on Young House Love. Sherry and John took their daughter's photo every week (!) on a different colorful, patterned background. At the end of the year, they had an absolutely gorgeous montage that documented Clara's evolution over her first 52 weeks (and beyond!). Seriously, check it out.

So... I thought I would try a similar approach, but I wanted to use Holden's baby blanket that I had made from my Nanny's old t-shirts and pajamas. Knowing myself, I figured I would be reasonable and just do the photos monthly, rather than weekly. Sounds manageable, right? Well, as I'm learning is often the case when you're dealing with babies, things didn't always go as planned. Baby's Monthly Onesie Photos - What Not to Do @ohbotherblog

Newsflash: babies do not enjoy posing for photos and could care less if you're trying to take a Pinterest-worthy shot.

First of all, Holden hated (actually, still hates) lying on her back. So that kind of screwed the pooch right off.

Then, at 8 months, once she was sitting up on her own, I clearly gave up on the quilt background all together. I wish I had video of me trying to prop the quilt up so that she could sit in front of it, not to mention me trying to keep her from falling over, and from pulling the sticker off the onesie. Ridiculousness. Look at her judging me in that 7-month photo. So we went with the patterned chair.

Don't even get me started on our issues once she started crawling.

Honestly, I wish I would have gone with the chair approach from the start. I think that would have better demonstrated her growth month-to-month and would have at least provided a consistent background. *Sigh* Oh well!

Baby' 12 month onesie photo @ohbotherblog

I feel like the photos serve their general purpose, and we (kinda) had fun taking them. It is pretty amazing to look back over the past 12 months and see how much she's changed. But, I'm totally glad we're finished with this project!

Oh, and I got my onesie stickers from Baby Smiles on Etsy.


sweet{heart} chalk art

sweet{heart} chalk art