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my house lacks style, pt. 3: the living room

my house lacks style, pt. 3: the living room

So if you'll recall, I've been pretty lazy about sassing up our new house (and by "new," I mean we've been living here for six months). Up until recently, this is what our living room looked like: living room: before @ohbotherblog

Boring, right? No character... also almost no real evidence of a child (pay no attention to the sick little girl on the couch, or the random bassinet attachment I had chilling on top of that basket there for some reason). Our original thought was that the living room would remain a relatively kid-free zone, while the (finished) basement would become the romper room. That... never actually happened.

So I decided to embrace the fact that the living room would now be the dedicated play room. I wanted to add some color and whimsy. And I really, really wanted a teepee (thanks, Pinterest). So here's what the living room looks like now:

Yellow chevron teepee and bunting @ohbotherblog

We've already established that I have no sewing ability whatsoever, so I bought the teepee from Little Birds Boutique on Etsy. The listing only included the fabric (which has pre-sewn pockets for the rods). I also purchased the Teepee Accessories Package, which included crutch tips for the poles, nylon rope and electrical tape. We bought the PVC pipes at Lowe's and Mr. B cut them to size and drilled little holes in the top. It was a relatively painless process.

The teepee is great for hiding toys, it looks adorable, and it's become Sally's secret spot.

Yellow chevron teepee from Little Birds Boutique @ohbotherblog

The "You Are My Sunshine" bunting was a birthday party purchase that I decided to keep up all the time. I feel like it adds a little somethin'. It comes from Pickled Cherry Paper on Etsy.

"You Are My Sunshine" bunting @ohbotherblog

So that's my living room currently. I've decided against drapes because I love the natural light, and the openness that the naked windows bring to the room.  I'm tossing around the idea of adding strips of Washi Tape to the blinds to add a little color, but I haven't found a pattern I like just yet.

Thoughts? Feeling it?

why? because we like you: mickey party.

why? because we like you: mickey party.

fireworks-free fourth

fireworks-free fourth