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the ornery ones

I should have seen it coming when I got that 13 Month email from thebump.com, the one that said "one is the new two." I mean, it said it right there:

expect mealtime messes, new words (like "NO!"), squirmy diaper changes, and mood swings.

Boy, they weren't kidding. I'm officially referring to this age as "The Ornery Ones."

I haven't been privileged enough to hear "no" just yet—or any words for that matter—though I have witnessed a head shake in action. I questioned whether Holden was getting bratty about a month ago, but we're in a whole new territory now.

  • That gleam in her eye before she sweeps her dinner onto the floor.
  • The way she throws herself on the floor in despair if she doesn't get her Nuk/sippy cup/iPod/book/shoe when she wants it.
  • The squeal of delight as she's splashing in Sally's water bowl for the 18th time.
  • The deliberate eye contact before purposely turning and running away from me.

And the mood swings. Can we talk about the mood swings? She's smiling and sweet and giving kisses one minute, and wailing and kicking five minutes later. It's maddening. My dad actually gave Holden a time out the other day, so you know it's getting bad.

I can't wait until she can start talking or at least communicating in more than grunts, whines, points and screams. I've been trying to limit the amount I say "no" to her and say things more like "yucky," or "hot," or "ouch," or "it's not nice to throw your peas on the floor," or "we don't grab people's faces."

She literally looks right through me when I try to correct her behavior. How do you discipline a kid when they can't comprehend yet? Should I be trying time outs? Or do I just give in and accept the "Ornery Ones," "Terrible Twos," and "Trying Threes"?

For the record, she did help me clean up all the diapers from the video above!

pinterest win: chocolate chip raspberries

pinterest win: chocolate chip raspberries

pics of the day - 7.25.13

pics of the day - 7.25.13