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why? because we like you: mickey party.

why? because we like you: mickey party.

Mickey Mouse Birthday Banner @ohbotherblog I was in the presence of true birthday party-planning greatness this weekend. One of my best friends (since we were like 10), DL, has always been so crafty. She gets it from her mom, who is the craftiest of the crafty. From puffy paint sweatshirt parties in elementary school (it was the 90's!) to making her wedding decorations (and my wedding centerpieces!), these ladies having been crafting Pinterest-worthy creations before Pinterest was even a thing.

For her son's second birthday, DL threw a Mickey Mouse-themed birthday party. Not only was everything handmade, it was absolutely freaking adorable.

Can we talk about these goody bags?

Mickey Mouse Birthday Party Mouse Ear Goody Bags. Doggie gift bags with Pluto for guests' dogs. @ohbotherblog

DL played all modest like, "oh, it's just construction paper on a red gift bag." Come on! So much work went into those perfectly round ears and four perfect dots on those buttons. And the polka dot tissue paper? Such attention to detail that I just don't possess.

And, yes, those are doggie treat bags for the guests' dogs. Again, adorable.

And then there were the cupcakes!

Mickey Mouse Ear Cupcakes with Oreos @ohbotherblog

Huge, delicious chocolate cupcakes topped with cookie crumbs. Toothpicks in the cream part of the Oreos and plunked right in the top to make Mickey's ears. Super easy and super cute.

I mean:

Mickey Mouse ears cupcake - Mickey Mouse birthday party @ohbotherblog

And she made it all look so easy. Crafty friends are the best friends to have! Great job, DL! Happy Birthday, Conner!

using facebook promoted posts to boost your blog traffic

using facebook promoted posts to boost your blog traffic

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