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too early to think halloween?

too early to think halloween?

We've been having a rash of fall-like weather here this week, which has gotten me thinking about pumpkin lattes and... Halloween. Too soon? Last year, Holdy had some super cute costumes, if I do say so myself.

Baby Money Bag Halloween Costume @ohbotherblog

A Pinspiration, I actually "made" the money bag costume myself (believe it or not).

Baby Money Bag Costume

DIY Baby Money Bag Halloween Costume @ohbotherblog

So here's what I did:

I used a cream colored sleep sack that Holdy already had (I liked the fleece for the colder weather). I created a dollar sign template in Microsoft Word - which you can download here in PDF format - and double-sided taped it to the sleep sack (oh yeah, I'm that lazy).

For the money, I put one of Holdy's baby headbands around her head and basically stuffed the fake bills in it, folding them around the headband (and taping them as necessary). I'm sure there's a better way to do this, but this jerry-rigged way worked for us.

For my robber getup, I just wore black sweats and cut some (horrible) eye holes in some black fabric that I tied around my head.

And that's it! Check out this adorable Spent Money at the end of the day:

Baby Money Bag Halloween Costume @ohbotherblog

Baby Mad Hatter Costume

I also took Holdy to my Book Club Halloween "Party." We all decided to dress up like literary characters.

Mommy Alice in Wonderland and Baby Mad Hatter Costume @ohbotherblog

So we went as Alice and the Mad Hatter. I actually had an old Alice in Wonderland costume for myself that I dug out.

Mommy Alice in Wonderland and Baby Mad Hatter Halloween Costumes @ohbotherblog

For Holdy's Mad Hatter, I dressed her in some crazy mismatched clothes and had my friends at HolyCraft make her an adorable Mad Hatter baby top hat.

Baby Mad Hatter Halloween Costume - baby tophat @ohbotherblog

Quick and easy, which is how I like to do things. So... how am I going to top these this year? Any ideas?

goodbye, goopy mcgooperson

goodbye, goopy mcgooperson

pinterest win: big ol' magnet board

pinterest win: big ol' magnet board