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Dollar Tree Pregnancy Tests actually work @ohbotherblog So I shared that I'm expecting again. I didn't share that this second pregnancy took me somewhat by surprise. I mean, I know how baby-making works so I guess I shouldn't have been too shocked, but I was definitely not expecting to see those two pink lines when I randomly took a pregnancy test that fateful Wednesday night.

This might get a little TMI, so if you don't care to hear details of what goes into conception, or if you are my dad or brother, you should probably just go ahead and skip this post.

Basically, my cycle has been all out of whack since September 2011, when I got pregnant with Holden. I've had only one period since that time, and it just came in June, as my time breastfeeding was winding down.

So when Mr. B and I decided to "just wing it" this summer, I pretty much had no idea when I was ovulating. Well... surprise! We apparently found ourselves inside the window.

When my period didn't come in early July, my first thought definitely was not pregnancy; it was more that my cycle was still off. I did take two First Response tests in early July, and they were both negative, so I just assumed that my lady parts were just being weird. I think I'd gotten so used to not having a period that I didn't think twice when it didn't show up.

So one day (a Wednesday), about two weeks after what-I-guess-was-my-missed period, I was wearing a lightweight dress and happened to look down at my... bloated, round belly. Whaaa? I mean, I'm sure I'm exaggerating (slightly), but that bump was enough to make me rethink the whole period thing.

Not wanting to blow another $18 on a pregnancy test, I hit up the good ol' Dollar Tree. Yeah, that's right. I figured it was just a wasted exercise, but I went ahead and bought five of them (that way I'd have them for future false alarms).

The weird thing about Dollar Store pregnancy tests is that you have to pee in a cup and then use a little dropper to drop your pee into the test. *Shrug* so I did it. And... there were definitely two pink lines. I stared blankly. I pulled out another test. Two more pink lines.

Still not buying into this whole Dollar Tree pregnancy test thing, I bit the bullet and bought a First Response test (a digital one no less). Imagine my surprise to see the big, bold "Yes+" right there on the screen. No denying it. Holy crap.

First Response pregnancy test @ohbotherblog

So, take this as a lesson friends:

  1. You can get preggo even if your periods are not quite back on track.
  2. Yes, you can apparently start to show around 5 weeks with your second pregnancy.
  3. Dollar Tree pregnancy tests actually work.
then and now: the first trimester

then and now: the first trimester

here we go again

here we go again