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stuff for baby #2

As I'm approaching my 30th week of pregnancy (!), I'm realizing it's time to get ready for this little guy's arrival. We have tons of baby stuff from when Holdy was an infant, so it's really just filling in some gaps here and there. Here are two of the cool things Santa brought this mama to start the preparations.

stuff for baby #2 - double stroller and backpack diaper bag @ohbotherblog

1. Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stroller in Black

With two kids under the age of two and the fact that I'm on my own most of the time, I'm thinking a double stroller is going to be a must. I did quite a bit of research on the double stroller that would work for us and decided on the Joovy Caboose. I chose the Joovy because it:

  • Is lightweight (21 pounds)
  • Fits in the trunk of a compact car (apparently a rarity for double strollers)
  • Has a universal carseat adapter that will allow me to put the infant seat in the front while G-Man is little
  • Has the option for Holden to either sit or stand

I also got the Joovy Caboose Too Rear Seat, which turns the rear seat into a full-size reclining option for Holden. Apparently with this accessory, the Joovy is a great option for families with kids who are close in age, like Holdy and Gatsby will be. We'll see; I'll report back on how it works out!

2. Dadgear Backpack Diaper Bag

Word from friends with multiple little ones is to get a diaper bag backpack for optimum kid juggling. Again, I did some online research and decided on the Dadgear Backpack. The Dadgear won me over with its:

  • Flip-down baby wipes access window (no more digging!)
  • Diaper "hammock" at the top of the bag that keeps the diapers easily accessible
  • Two bottle pockets on the sides
  • Comfy straps

I've started using the backpack already and love it. It's a bit different going from the Organizing Utility Tote from Thirty One Gifts that I had previously been using to the backpack, mostly because that bag was entirely open (which was sometimes problematic). I'm going to be quite a sight with my backpack and double stroller, juggling two little kids, haha.

I have a few things on the Baby #2 Wish List that I'll share soon. But... the preparation process has started!

baby #2 wishlist: 001 the baby bath

baby #2 wishlist: 001 the baby bath

nekkid toddler

nekkid toddler