Hi. My name is Meg. I’m mom to my curious little girl, Holden, and my handsome little man, Gatsby (I was an English major).

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happy 5 months, GB

happy 5 months, GB


I'll update you on the result of our craycation shortly, but first... Happy 5 Months, GB! happy 5 months, gb @ohbotherblog

Weight: According to my super scientific stand-on-the-scale-with-him-stand-on-the-scale-without-him method, about 15 lbs.

Likes: being held, milk, his sister, sitting outside, watching the fan, when mommy makes crazy faces and voices, the baby gym, being “hugged” by his sister, flying in the air, being tickled, dipping his feet in the pool, trying to sit up, belly raspberries

Dislikes: This kid is pretty freaking pleasant. There’s not much that upsets him... except being hot (so being at the beach for craycation was just fantastic).

Eats: Every 3-4 hours. Mommy’s milk or a 6oz bottle of breastmilk & formula combined.

Sleeps: Through the night. In his crib. Thank the Lord. 

Accomplishments: Smiling (a lot!), chuckling, rolling over like crazy, chewing on his hands, grabbing, kicking like a soccer player, holding his head up, putting his Nuk in his mouth

I love you, Buddy! Thanks for being so easygoing. Please stay that way.

Here's a behind-the-scenes shot of today's shoot:

Behind the scenes baby photo shoot @ohbotherblog


Just kidding. That lasted about seven seconds and then she threw the camera on the ground and started screaming that she didn't have her own tie sticker. 

first day of daycare

first day of daycare

craycation, or why am I going to the beach with a baby and a toddler?

craycation, or why am I going to the beach with a baby and a toddler?