Hi. My name is Meg. I’m mom to my curious little girl, Holden, and my handsome little man, Gatsby (I was an English major).

oh, bother. was created out of my struggle as a working mom in a Pinterest world. I’m a DIYer wannabe and creative design appreciator, but I usually find myself falling a bit short in the execution. You’ll see.

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happy 9 months, gb

happy 9 months, gb

So GB turned 9 months on December 23. I could barely manage to take this photo a full five days later--I have no idea how parents handle December/early January birthdays. happy 9 months, gb @ohbotherblog GB totally judges me.

Weight: 17.8-pounds, wearing size 3 diapers.

Likes: eating! trying to stand up, rolling, being harassed by his sister, gnawing on Sally's fur, stealing people's food, bouncing in his bouncer, lights and noises, being held, his mama.

Dislikes: He still loves being held and doesn't love not being the center of attention, though he is playing a bit more independently with his toys (and by "playing," I mean putting stuff in his mouth).

Eats: The kid loves to eat. We've started on mushy table foods, though watching him figure out his gag reflex is a bit nerve-wracking. He seems very glad to have discovered macaroni & cheese.

Sleeps: Still a great sleeper (thank god).

Accomplishments: Sitting up by himself, waving, high fives. He's still not crawling--he prefers to roll to his desired destination. He's really smiley and talkative--even a bit of a screecher.

Teeth: Four! All four of his front teeth came in within a week of each other. Surprisingly, he didn't seem to be pained by this at all (unlike his sister, who let the whole world know when she was cutting a tooth).

happy 9 months, gb @ohbotherblog

I'm loving his crazy mad scientist hair. Isn't his #babyfees onesie cute? It was a gift from my friend Kristen at by k.ev (it was also the only white shirt I currently have for him).

Happy 9 months, GB!

"how do you do it?"

"how do you do it?"

merry christmas from oh bother

merry christmas from oh bother