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oh, bother. was created out of my struggle as a working mom in a Pinterest world. I’m a DIYer wannabe and creative design appreciator, but I usually find myself falling a bit short in the execution. You’ll see.

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ohmygod I have to send christmas cards

ohmygod I have to send christmas cards

So... I just realized that it's getting to be mid-December soon and I haven't thought about Christmas cards until this very moment. In our Pinterest-loving, Facebook-best-parent-competition society, non-photo Christmas cards won't do. And iPhone photos converted into cards printed out at Walgreens won't do. So not only do I have to design, order, address and stamp my cards, I need to schedule a photo session (and hope both kids cooperate at the same time for at least 30 seconds).

Last year, I used Minted for our Christmas card:

Calmish and Bright Christmas Card @ohbotherblog

So I was really psyched when Minted reached out to me to ask me to try out their Holiday Cards this year for oh, bother. Minted is a really cool community of independent designers whose work you can choose from to create your own custom stationery. I'm pretty picky when it comes to my invitations/cards/announcements, so Minted is my jam. I mean:

Minted Holiday Cards @ohbotherblog 

Gorgeous, right? That "Wreck the Halls" one would be perfect for Holden.

But... I'm thinking the odds are not good that my Christmas cards will happen in time for the 25th, so I'm considering doing a New Year's card this year. That buys me an extra week or two, right? The entire month of January?

The New Year's design selection is just as fantastic:

Minted New Year's Cards @ohbotherblog

  Considering that we've had a pretty eventful year, I thought this Family Year in Review design was adorable:

Minted Year in Review New Years Card @ohbotherblog

But then I remembered that I'm lazy and the thought of having to think about and write out all those milestones gave me a panic attack, so I found this super awesome card instead:

Minted Conversation Bubble Holiday Card @ohbotherblog

Same idea, less writing. It's pithy and fun. 

Now I just have to capture that perfect photo.

(Also, don't expect your card in the mail, lol. I pretty much only send them to older family members and people who make me feel guilty by sending me a card first. Stamps are expensive, ya'll!)

still not letting it go: we went to a "Frozen" tea party

still not letting it go: we went to a "Frozen" tea party

holidays, amirite?

holidays, amirite?