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GB has been talking up a storm lately and by "talking," I mean making marbley-mouthed, drunkenly slurred sounds that resemble real words.

Good morning, GB. #babyfees

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He's always been a good mimic: he's been quacking like a duck for several months when he sees a rubber duckie, and he can even trill his tongue like he's at a fiesta.


GB says "quack quack quack" before he says "mom." Figures. #babyfees #ohbotherblog


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But lately, not only has he been pointing at everything and repeating the names for them, he's been saying full sentences--I swear!

Of course I have no video evidence because the kid lives to prove me wrong, but the other day he was whining in his highchair while I was cleaning up from breakfast and I asked, "what's wrong?" He replied with, "get me OUT!" Clear. As. Day.

The other day, he picked up a hat, walked it over and said, "Here's your hat." The adults in the room always look at each other like, "did we just hear that?" And then GB goes back to cooing and making indeterminate sounds.

In addition to sentences, he's been saying some pretty complicated words for a 17-month-old. Last night while taking a bath, he pointed up and said, "shower." He's said "Holdy" before too.

The one word he still absolutely refuses to say?


I guess he wants a snack. #babyfees #ohbotherblog

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playing catch-up

playing catch-up

"power struggles"

"power struggles"