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Christmas Meh-gic

As I'm navigating the holiday season with two small children, I've come to a realization: the more "magical" something is supposed to be, the less "magical" the experience is in real life. For example...

Disney World: Disney World Meltdowns @ohbotherblog


Parenting a toddler @ohbotherblog

Special trips/activities:

A trip to the North Museum in Lancaster @ohbotherblog


Thanksgiving Unhappy Kids @ohbotherblog

Activities requiring costumes:

Holden's first trip to Disney on Ice @ohbotherblog

Disney on Ice:

Holden's first trip to Disney on Ice @ohbotherblog

I feel so much pressure--especially during the holidays--to make lasting memories and give my kids a magical childhood, that the outcome inevitably never lives up to the hype. It's the parenting equivalent of every single New Year's Eve I've ever experienced.

Like... We went to visit Santa Claus a few weeks ago. The kids both had a meltdown at the same time, with both of them literally flailing on the floor whilst screaming. A friend asked if I wanted her to take GB outside so I could get a photo with Holdy and my actual response was, "I am not leaving here without a f*cking photo of my kids with f*cking Santa."

Anyway, just a friendly reminder to myself and others to chill the hell out and lay off the Christmas Magic. New Year's Eve always sucks anyway.

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