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to my daughter on her sixth birthday

to my daughter on her sixth birthday

Happy Sixth Birthday, Superstar!

In my previous birthday letters, I talked about waiting for the "magic switch," where things would just magically fall into place, and--for all the parents following along--I think Year Five is that switch. This has been an amazing year for you: you started kindergarten, you've discovered a real friend circle... including boys (eek!), you got your first stylish haircut, you're learning to read, you're controlling your big emotions... in short, you're growing up.

Seriously, you're like a little adult now. Of course, I should probably also mention that you got glasses this year and your first pair literally made you look like Sophia from The Golden Girls (I'll show you that TV show someday), so you went from five to 85 in two seconds.

Welp, someone got glasses. #justgotmyzennis #whatholdywore

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You are just finishing Kindergarten at York Academy and your teachers are Mrs. Thoman and Mrs. Paul. Your favorite subject is Math (which is a whole new world for me) and Art. I worried that wearing a uniform might cramp your notorious fashion sense, but you've found a way to make that uniform fit your personal aesthetic, from funky boots, to neckties, to headwear.

A little rain can't stop that style. #whatholdywore Yes, she's wearing a tie. #YCEABack2School

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When the weather is nice, we walk (or scoot!) to school.

Scoot scoot #whatholdywore

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I love that you guy are growing up in the city. We like to walk or ride on the Rail Trail, look for Kindness Rocks around Downtown, go to York Revolution games, walk to Martin Library, attend First Friday activities and visit all of your favorite shops (like Sunrise Soap Co.).

You've discovered an affinity for roller skating, you're playing tee ball with York City Little League (which you don't particularly enjoy but are very good at), you like to do science experiments with the fun kit Flippy bought you, and you LOVE to make art.

Plein Aire

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Your birthday party this year was an Art pARTy at The Parliament with Miss Kate. In lieu of gifts, you collected art supplies to donate to Creative York. You like to be "a helper" and the generous spirit of Mommy's work with Give Local York is really rubbing off on you.

We invited your four best friends from school: Ryan Y (who I guess is technically you're fiance as he proposed to you and gave you a masking tape ring), Ryan G, Addalyn and Scarlett. Of course Marlowe, Jude and GB were also there.

Ah... GB. Your brother continues to be your best friend, but oh man, you guys fight ALL THE TIME. Like, you fight all. the. time. It drives us nuts. And after you've spent the entire evening picking on each other and hitting each other you still choose to sleep together in the same bed... even though you both got your own separate rooms this year.

You'll be spending the summer at various camps, including the Science/Sports/Snacks Camp at York Academy, Girls Adventure Camp, Unicorn Universe Camp at DreamWrights and Camp Greyhound at York Country Day School. Then it's on to First Grade!

You really are blossoming into such an introspective, sweet, caring young lady, who truly wants to learn, do right by people and be a good friend.

New glasses! #justgotmyzennis #whatholdywore

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And all the while, your creative, free spirit continues to shine.

Spring Picture Day #whatholdywore

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I mean, you're really just the coolest. What other Kindergartener chooses to go as Jareth the Goblin King for Character Day at school? (The answer, by the way, is none. They actually thought you were supposed to be a pirate.)

When it’s Character Day at @yorkacademycharter and your kid chooses to go as Jareth the Goblin King. #proudparentmoment

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We love you so much and can't wait to learn and grow with you. It's been phenomenal watching you in your first year of school and to watch you interact with your peers. Let's back off on the boy craziness just a bit though, shall we?

Here's to a great summer! Happy Birthday, Buddy!

happy ohbotherdays 2018

happy ohbotherdays 2018

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