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Fall Break and Corn Cob Acres

Fall Break and Corn Cob Acres

It’s October, the time of year that brings my least favorite two words: Fall Break. My kids had a half day Thursday, off Friday and off Monday. Having not had the foresight to plan a rad vacation, I’m now stuck trying to entertain my five- and seven-year-olds for *shudder* multiple days.

Thursday after school (i.e. 12:15pm), I took them to see Abominable, which was adorable and great timing because the kids are still obsessed with the Yeti after our Disneyland and Disney World trips.

Half-day movie day

Friday started with some not-so-fun stuff, like dentist visits and flu shots (slaying that to-do list!), but then we hit up Corn Cob Acres in Mountville, PA. First of all, the place is huge:

Corn Cob Acres in Mountville, PA

There is a TON of stuff to do: corn maze, tractor tire mountains, slides, tractor cart rides, a barrel train, hayride, an enormous bouncing pillow, playgrounds, corn kernel “sandbox,” tennis ball slingshots, games, pumpkin painting, bouncing pony hops, etc.

The kids were legit entertained for 3.5 hours and we definitely could have stayed longer.

If you visit their “Coupons” page and sign up for their emails, you can get a coupon for $2 off each ticket (make sure to print the coupon out for each ticket you intend to buy), so 3.5 hours of fun for $13 each? I’ll take it.

Corn Cob Acres

Now I just have to figure something out for Monday. Argh, Fall Breaaaaaaaaak!

"Doll in the Hall" October

"Doll in the Hall" October