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to my son on his fifth birthday

to my son on his fifth birthday

Gatsby, GB, Geebs, Jib, Gilbert, Geebarino—

Happy Fifth Birthday. You are finally, in your own estimation, a “big kid.” No, you do not start kindergarten on Monday; you have to wait until August.

This has been an amazingly transformational year for you. You’ve really come out of your shell… which is a nice way of saying you talk ALL THE TIME. From the second I walk into your classroom to the third time I kick you out of my room 45 minutes after you were supposed to have been in bed, your jaws do not stop flapping. I hear, “Mom, can I just tell you something?” at least 28 times a day. You also ask really deep complicated questions like, “what happens after we die?” and “do all people dream at the same time?” and “Why is Captain America so handsome?”

GB meets his hero
GB hulks out

You are still obsessed with superheroes, which makes decorating for your birthday parties very easy. I’ve reused the same Spider-man banners for literally three years. You still like to wear costumes to school, though now you usually wear them *underneath* your clothes, which oftentimes now consist of a “handsome” (button-down) shirt. You’ve become more style conscious and like to do multiple wardrobe changes in an evening. You also, oddly, pretty much refuse to wear shorts in the summer and heavy coats in the winter.

GBs handsome clothes

You did however, cause a major coiffure faux pas earlier this year when you decided to try your hand at barbering… on yourself.

that time GB cut his own hair

You have also recently taken to designing your own superhero costumes, like your Miles Morales getup, or the latest “Army Spiderman.”

I crack up pretty much every morning when I get a glimpse of you in the rearview. You have a very deadpan sense of humor that’s just hilarious.

GB in the rearview

You are an extremely perceptive kid. You’re always the first (and sometimes only) person to notice if I’ve done something different with my hair, someone has a new article of clothing, or if something is out of place. To that end, you’re also really empathetic and intuitive of people’s feelings… most of the time. You either haven’t picked up on when you’re being an obnoxious little brother, or you have and you just don’t care.

On that point, you and Holdy are constantly at each other’s throats. Flippy and I have to play referee morning, afternoon, and evening. But then every night at bedtime, you guys insist on sharing a bed and refuse to be separated.

Sibling Love

This is your last year at York Day Nursery, which has been a fantastic family for the past three years to help you grow into the cool kid you are today. You have a not-so-secret crush on your teacher, Miss Meghan. Your best buddies are Oliver and Ben. You like playing in House Center and making grand entrances into the classroom to show off that day’s outfit. You’ll start Kindergarten at York Academy in the fall and you can’t wait to be at Holdy’s “big school.”

GB's going to York Academy

You’re a sweet, sensitive, funny, curious little boy and we love you very much. Happy Happy Birthday, Geebs.

happy mama retreat

happy mama retreat

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