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Attempting to Pack Fashionably for Disney World

Attempting to Pack Fashionably for Disney World

We are 50 days and counting from our next Disney trip—this time to Disney World after last winter’s Disneyland visit—so we’re in planning mode. Dining reservations have been made, Magical Express has been reserved, FastPasses have been secured, we’re binge-watching Disney Food Blog as if it’s a new Netflix series. And I’m assessing our attire to see if we need any Disney additions to our wardrobes for this trip.

I did some pretty extensive research for our Disneyland trip, so I figured I’d share some of that info with you now (and also have it all in one place so I can easily find it later!). This isn’t going to be a “How to Pack for Disney” list because those already exist: check out Disney Tourist Blog’s “Disney Packing List Tips & Tricks” for a super comprehensive rundown. This is more of a roundup of where to find the fun stuff.

Disney Fashion

My friend Rebecca from Mommy in Heels is *THE* most fashionable person I know and her trip to Disney last year was a Master’s Class in Disney fashion. I mean:

I covet those beautiful Minnie Vans. Rebecca stuck to a red, black and white color palette to make packing easy and added a few Disney flairs. You can shop her look here.

Along those lines, Kohl’s used to have an adorable Disney collection by Lauren Conrad LC. Unfortunately, that collection isn’t available anymore, but you can still find some cute LC Lauren Conrad Disney stuff on Poshmark.

Hot Topic, the goth store from my youth, also has a fun Disney collection. Think character tees, dresses, shoes, backpacks, etc.

Disney Vacation Tees

Jane.com is my favorite place to shop for fun Disney vacation tees. Jane.com is a boutique marketplace, so that means their offerings are always changing, but there are *usually* some great Disney designs to be found (and very affordably!).

A lot of families go the matching tee route for the entire family. We decided for our “matching shirt day” that we would pick a Disney film and each embrace a character. In our case, we each chose an emotion from Inside Out. We were a pretty big hit at the park, if I do say so myself.

You can find the various Inside Out emotion tees in various sizes on Amazon. Speaking of Amazon, they, of course, also have fun vacation tees you can grab, like this “Making Magic Happen” tee* for the trip planner.

Even better: if you get to Disney and are feeling fashion envy, you can Amazon Prime yourself a tee and get SAME DAY delivery! What a world we live in.

For our next trip, we’re going with a group of 8, so maybe going with a Seven Dwarfs theme might be more appropriate. These Seven Dwarfs tees from Jane.com are adorable.

The Practical

It’s going to rain in Disney World; it just is. So rather than buying awkward trash-bag ponchos in the park, I like to pack our little poncho/windbreakers that fold/roll up into little pouches (reminding me of the sweet GAP anorak I had when I was 15). I got this one in yellow from Amazon*.

And speaking of things that can be rolled up into little pouches: the BEARZ Outdoor Beach Blanket* is great for parades or taking a little break and can easily fit in any backpack.


You guys know I love these shoes, the amazing VenusCelia Walking Loafer.* They’re super comfortable, stylish, cheap, and come in a ton of colors. However, I don’t recommend them for rainy days or water-ride days.

I’ll check in as we get closer to departure and update you on any purchases!

Peace in the Backseat

Peace in the Backseat

the most magical freaking birthday party that ever freaking was

the most magical freaking birthday party that ever freaking was