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the most magical freaking birthday party that ever freaking was

the most magical freaking birthday party that ever freaking was

You guys, Holden just had the most amazing, Pinterest-worthy birthday party ever… and I barely had to do a damn thing! We have this adorable new play space in Downtown York called The Curious Little Playhouse. We joined as monthly members when they opened in April because I love having a place to take the kids to get out of my hair, I mean the house.

I told them Holdy wanted to have a *small* unicorn birthday party. Well, holy crap, did they deliver… on everything but the small!

They took care of EVERYTHING, including the beautiful decorations. All I did was bring McDonald’s, because that’s the kind of classy gal I am (and actually I didn’t even do that; Flippy did!)

McDonald's for a Birthday Party

Oh and, hello, they brought REAL FREAKING UNICORNS for the kids to ride!

I mean, seriously - could I look like a more legit mom?

Everyone had so much fun… including me because it was super stress-free.

And then, because clearly this girl is spoiled enough, we asked partygoers to forego presents and instead bring art supplies for Holden to donate to Creative York, a local art education nonprofit.

Seven’s looking pretty good so far, kid!

Happy Birthday, Holdy!

to my daughter on her 7th birthday

to my daughter on her 7th birthday